Behind the Scenes with Jen Matott

Jen here to share one of my favorite layouts from this month's kit, "Curiousity" 

What prompted you to pick this take on curiosity ?
I immediately thought about my classroom and the kids I teach Art to each day. I watch them get excited about the materials, tools, and themes that I introduce them to.  They are completely open to discovery!  There is nothing like fostering creativity and encouraging them to take risks in their artwork. 

Why did you choose this photo?
I took a photo of my classroom to use on this page.  It's a view of my desks (without kids in the seats) from the front of the room where I stand usually.  It is empty in this photo but full of possibility to all those students that walk through my door each week (we have over 450 students!).  The room just oozes Art making... the smell of paint, clay dust, paper, supplies and tools piled up on the counters, and works-in-progress on the shelves and drying rack. 

How do you feel about the message of your layout?
I love walking into my classroom each day.  I wanted my layout to show my love of art and have a fun feel to it.  I used a mix of letters, paint, modeling paste, and rub ons!  I want my kids to love coming to the artroom and be excited to see what we are going to do next! 

What symbolism did you pull into your design?
This page has lots of letters (using a stencil with modeling paste, letter stickers, and stamped text) that symbolize school and learning.  I used lots of paint as part of the artsy part and then really constructed the title with lots of different fonts for a fun look!   I wanted to show a messy and artsy look to the whole page... kind of like my classroom.  Messy and fun!

I always want to cultivate curiosity and creativity in my Art room!

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