Pick Your Fortune...

We always explore the topic of the month in many different ways.  What better way than to look at various synonyms and antonyms?  There are many facets of Fortune.  Let's take a look:

Please click to enlarge Taxedo word cloud.

I love playing with words. I like to say them out loud and see how they feel rolling off the tongue...sharp or soft.  What fun it is to transfer them into a layout or an art journaling spread.  My favorites right now are Kismet, Karma, Serendipity and Fortuity.  Now to play with those words and create my first Fortune piece of he{art}.

Do any of these pop out at you?  What rolls off the tongue or makes you snap to attention?  Pick your favorite Fortune synonym(s). I'd love to hear your take!

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Rachel said...

I love how the word cloud is in a clover shape. You should have seen me turning my phone in all directions to see all these great synonyms and antonyms. I love the word coincidence...I'm excited to explore fortune as 'chance'...are there any coincidences or is it all random.