Fortune Symbolism

Hi everyone!

If you have been around SFTIO for any length of time, you know our kits are set apart from other kits and for good reason. We don't just grab a bunch of pretty product and put it together. About a year and a half ago, I was able to attend Winter CHA with Rachel and really get into the meat of what it takes to put together an EMOTION based kit. 

One of the key ingredients is SYMBOLISM.

As we gaze at each beautiful product, we seek out what the images, colors and shapes exude on an emotional level. Because our goal is not to just provide product so you can document your child's 5th birthday party. Not that there is anything wrong with that mind you. Documenting life events is VERY important but what I absolutely adore about this hobby, is that we can take scrapbooking a step farther and use it for visual journaling.

Each month I'm going to be pulling from our kits and showing you how to use the symbolism already provided to you. Along with examples from our design team, you'll get a glimpse into how you too can easily record your thoughts and emotions onto a layout, or canvas, or art journal page... it really is an endless list of what you can create with these kits.

So let's get to it! 

FORTUNE. What images and words come to your mind when you hear that word? A crystal ball? Dollar signs? Dice? Maybe a fortune cookie? Once those images come to your mind, where do your thoughts wander? If I may, here are some questions that could pop up: "What does my future hold?" "What are my dreams when it comes ot money?" "Do I feel lucky?"

Let's take a look at a few layouts and how symbolism plays into each.

Layout by Jen Matott for Scrapbooking from the Inside Out

We provide lots of colors and patterns in each kit. Jen pulled some of the bright colored papers to create her fortune cookies. (Perfect symbolism by the way.)

Layout by Kiki Halbert for Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.
Here is another example using the papers in the kit. Kiki used the cloud pattern paper as a background. This gives that "dreamy" feel while she journals about her Happy Place. How perfect!

Layout by Lori Wilbanks for Scrapbooking from the Inside Out
Lori used the domino pieces that are included in our kit. She cut them and now they look like dice. Rolling the dice... it's luck of the draw... perfect symbolism for this layout that has lots of movement and a little bit of organized chaos to match perfectly with her topic. 

Layout by Melissa Elsner for Scrapbooking from the Inside Out
I drew several things from the kit to help with symbolism for this layout. I wanted the word Chicago to look rich and special so I used the glitter alpha. The chevron stencil provided the perfect backdrop and movement. I wanted the arrows to point up and down to symbolize the height and depth of the cityscape. Lastly, that green piece of bling was a perfect accent to continue with the sparkle and "fortune" feel of this layout. I also included the camera die cut because of the snapshot shown here. 

These are just brief glimpses at a few ways to draw out the symbolism included in this kit. I hope it helps you a little bit as you decide what colors, patterns, shapes and embellishments you want to use on your visual journaling pages. 

To see more examples from our talented design team, click here to be taken to our gallery. If you are not a registered member, there is a brief approval process to get through. Once done, you are home free forever.

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Lori W said...

L. O. V. E. this post, Mel! Love that you pulled the symbolism out of several layouts...awesome!!