Many Facets of Release...

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When starting to explore a new topic, I find it's fun to look at synonyms of the main word.  Usually there are several that jump out and grab me.  While looking at them this time, the following snapped up my attention:





When looking within, I see so many pieces of me waiting to be liberated from the mental chains I use to keep them locked within me.  It's time to Release those pieces to fly and be free.

My mind is so often muddied with so many thoughts ... lists, things to do, remember, people to write, to see, wishes, hopes, dreams, disappointments.  It is time to clear my mind and Release all of that mental and emotional clutter and find some focus.

I'm also a clinger.  I tend to hold on to things way to long.  And I don't mean material items (although, my household clutter would demonstrate that this rings true as well); I am more emphasizing the emotions I hold on to.  It's time for me to disengage and Release that emotional baggage.  I need to not be so weighed down!

All around me, I see the need for forgiveness... within myself and externally.  It's time for me to forgive myself, forgive people in my past, in my present.  Feeling that Release will be uplifting, don't you think?

What synonyms speak loudly to you?  What kinds of layouts or journaling do you see being born from your Release?


Kiki Halbert said...

I love the idea of forgiveness and mercy. These are things I have to give myself more often for my release.

Great word cloud! Thanks for that.

JJsMomSteph said...

Relief and let go speak to me. Like you, I hold worries in my head which just causes stress. I need to release my inner demons!