The Truth Is...

The truth is...

...I'm in love with this new kit.

...I have opened it and fondled the papers and touched and played and coveted it.

...I'm not yet ready to cut into anything.

...you really  need to see some of the great things the Design Team has discovered... in TRUTH.

The truth is... I really want to share some of these layouts right now!  No waiting!  Ready?

Be True to You by Jen Matott

Oh my... how many times do I have these same thoughts.  That little negative voice inside that always seems to wield too much power over my confidence and feelings... it must be banished!  I too, wish for the day I can be comfortable in my own skin!

You Are One of a Kind by Nicole Martel

The truth is, my four-legged furries are my kids... I love them dearly and they make me so happy, even when they are acting out.  I love this layout because it shows the love for this furry child, true blue!

Tried & True by Melissa Elsner

Wow... what a tribute to Melissa's friends!  Those types of friends are truly rare and should be valued and cherished.  This layout certainly shows how special people are oh-so cherished.  Tried & True is a fantastic title for this one!

So...  are you ready to get your creative fingers inking and gluing?  What are your Truths?


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Love these projects!
I am working on a layout right now inspired by the kit this month :)

I'm just a simple gal said...

These are great!