Do you Pin??

Happy Saturday!!!
One of the best places to find inspiration is on PINTEREST

Here are my favorite reasons though to pin..... 

Seriously though.. some of the best inspiration on how to use your supplies... layouts... techniques is on Pinterest. I think some of my favorite ways to use ideas is to "frankenstein". I take a layout idea from one, and a technique from another. Maybe a color scheme from one, and a new way to use a "bling" from a page. 

You can search by designers. You can search by manufacturer. You can search by product line. But, my favorite way is to just find "friends" with similar taste and pin away!!!

BUT.. did you know that you can also find tutorials on how to? How to make a flower.  How to sew a blanket stitch.  How to use the right brush.  How to zentangle. 

Here are some of my favorites from the past few weeks.

And.. did you know that SFTIO has their OWN boards.... search for us!!!

So.... do you pin? Follow us.. let us know what you think is cool... 

Until next week!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love Pinterest and loving what inspo you found!!!!