Sketch It Saturday

Hi Everyone! I am on my way to CHA and can not WAIT to share all of the fun from there... keep an eye out on the facebook page and on the blog for all the newest products and for all of the exciting new products you will find here at SFTIO!

As it is Sketch It Saturday.... I thought today we could share some of the best places on the web where you can FIND scrapbook sketches.

One of the BEST places is just to 
be sure to hit IMAGES.. 
and WOW!

Here are some links to some of the other great resources available to you:

You might even notice our own Jen Matott here!!

Do you use sketches? For only single pages? or double? Do you make sketches of your pages to share with others? What are some of your favorite sites? I would love to hear from you! And.. I would LOVE to see some pages you have made from sketches using SFTIO kits... 

Until next time!

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