I was browsing through the gallery last night and was really interested to see some layouts in there about the opposite of Connection.  Disconnect.  To be disconnected.  To separate yourself from something, intentionally or unintentionally.  To be unable to connect to something.  It was really amazing to me, the different aspects of disconnect.  I wanted to share them with you...

Disconnected by Laura Croft

Future by Mette Kallander

Let Go & Let's Go by Melissa Elsner

My Dad by Jamie Long

Truer Words by guest designer Lisa VanderVeen

Truer Words by Lisa was like a smack to my forehead.  I really do have to agree that I share the same disconnect... saying what I think people want to hear instead of saying what I need to say.  I love this layout inside and out (no pun intended).  My Dad by Jamie was a major "Wow!" to me.  The very short-and-sweet journaling just strike the message home.  Amazing.

Melissa's layout tells me about purposeful disconnect.  I would love to embrace that... and maybe her layout title will be come one of my new mantras.  Mette's layout certainly speaks to how disconnected we are from the future, simply because it hasn't happened yet.  No matter how much we might like to plan for the future, or guess what will happen, or hope... there is no way to truly connect to the future.

And then there's Laura's deep and heartfelt journaling regarding her disconnection with her sister.  Another "Wow!"

I would have to say all of these layouts speak to me on a personal level. I think it's fantastic that I can go into the gallery and see these layouts and just... connect!  I don't mean to push that word, but what's a better one?  Nearly all of these layouts could be interpreted into my own world, in one way or another.  What a great feeling to know that there are others out there with similar issues...similar disconnections. 

How about you?  What would your topic for a layout be, if you were to explore disconnection?  Share it with us!

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