Weekend Layout Inspiration - Back to School

Happy Friday! It's a lovely day here in Santa Monica, a perfect 70 degrees, but there are signs of autumn. Nippy nights where you snuggle under the blankets are upon us and I'm feeling moved to break out the down comforter that's been in storage all summer. And maybe a new duvet?

This is on sale at West Elm and I'm thinking this would work beautifully - time for a little renewal...

Even though our bed has a chocolate finish, the modern lines and green wall should meld nicely.  This is a stock photo, but you get the idea.
 This is the paint color - still love it after 10 years! It's a bit darker in person.

I do tend to use a lot of the same colors in my favorite layouts...do you? These home decor color appear in our latest kit, ACHIEVEMENT.

And yes, leaves do fall in Southern California. Proof:

Bigleaf Maple is native to the Pacific coast from SoCal to the Pacific NW. This is on my street! Right next to a lot of California Fan Palms.

Just makes me feel like all the best memories of fall. I remember the excitement of new clothes for back-to-school, the sound of crunching leaves under my feet, and all the possibility that was ahead.

So many more layouts, and three new ACHIEVEMENT challenges are up on our gorgeous brand new website...come see! Scrap about what you've already achieved and what is in your plans.

Enjoy this beautiful fall weekend and all there is to achieve in your future.


My Bartie-Boy as a baby - he loved fall too!

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