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Main Entry: balance
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: equilibrium
Synonyms: antithesis, correspondence, counterbalance, equity, equivalence, even-steven, evenness, hang, harmony, parity, proportion, stasis, symmetry, tension
Antonyms: disproportion, imbalance, instability

Main Entry: balance
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: composure
Synonyms: equanimity, poise, self-control, self-possession, stability, steadfastness
Antonyms: imbalance, noncomposure

Main Entry: balance
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: money remaining in account
Synonyms: difference, dividend, excess, profit, remainder, residue, rest, surplus

Main Entry: balance
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: make equal; cause to have equilibrium
Synonyms: accord, adjust, attune, cancel, collate, come out, come out even, compensate, correspond, counteract, counterbalance, equalize, equate, even, harmonize, level, make up for, match, neutralize, nullify, offset, oppose, pair off, parallel, poise, readjust, redeem, set, square, stabilize, steady, tie, weigh
Antonyms: disproportion, overbalance, unbalance

Main Entry: balance
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: compare
Synonyms: assess, consider, deliberate, estimate, evaluate, weigh
Antonyms: unbalance

Main Entry: balance
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: make equal numerically
Synonyms: adjust, audit, calculate, compute, count, enumerate, equate, estimate, figure, settle, square, sum up, tally, total
Antonyms: unbalance

Main Entry: account
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: record of finances, fees, or charges
Synonyms: IOU, bad news, balance, bill, book, books, charge, check, computation, cuff, grunt*, inventory, invoice, ledger, reckoning, record, register, report, score, statement, tab, tally
* = informal/non-formal usage

Main Entry: adjust
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: mechanically alter, especially to
Synonyms: align, balance , bring into line, calibrate, connect, correct, fine-tune, fit, fix, focus, grind, improve, improve accommodate, mend, overhaul, polish, put in working order, readjust, rectify, regulate, renovate, repair, service, set, sharpen, square, tighten, troubleshoot, tune up
Antonyms: derange, disarrange, unsuit

Main Entry: atone
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: compensate; make amends for former misdoing
Synonyms: absolve, answer, apologize, appease, balance , correct, counterbalance, do penance, expiate, make amends, make redress, make reparation, make up for, offset, outweigh, pay, pay one's dues, propitiate, recompense, reconcile, redeem, redress, repair, set off, square, take one's medicine

Main Entry: attune
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: adjust
Synonyms: acclimatize, accommodate, accord, accustom, adapt, balance , compensate, conform, coordinate, counterbalance, familiarize, harmonize, integrate, make agree, proportion, reconcile, regulate, tune

Main Entry: audit
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: inspect financial records
Synonyms: analyze, balance, check, examine, go over, go through, investigate, report, review, scrutinize, sit in, survey, verify

Main Entry: average
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: obtain numerical mean
Synonyms: balance , equate, even out

Main Entry: ballast
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: something giving balance
Synonyms: balance , brace, bracket, counterbalance, counterweight, equilibrium, sandbag, stability, stabilizer, support, weight

Main Entry: classicism
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: simple style; regularity, restraint
Synonyms: Atticism, Ciceronianism, Hellenism, aesthetic principle, balance , clarity, class, classicalism, conventional formality, dignity, elegance, excellence, finish, formal style, formality, grand style, grandeur, high art, lucidity, majesty, neoclassicism, nobility, objectivity, polish, proportion, propriety, pure taste, purity, rationalism, refinement, rhythm, severity, simplicity, sobriety, sublimity, symmetry

Main Entry: compare
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: examine in contrast
Synonyms: analyze, approach, balance , bracket, collate, confront, consider, contemplate, contrast, correlate, divide, equal, examine, hang, hold a candle to, inspect, juxtapose, match, match up, measure, observe, oppose, parallel, place in juxtaposition, ponder, rival, scan, scrutinize, segregate, separate, set against, set side by side, size up, stack up against, study, touch, weigh, weigh against another
Notes: compare emphasizes the similarities between or among things, though not losing sight of the differences; contrast emphasizes the differences

Main Entry: compare
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: liken, equate
Synonyms: allegorize, approach, approximate to, assimilate, balance , be in the same class as, be on a par with, bear comparison, bring near, come up to, compete with, connect, correlate, distinguish between, draw parallel, equal, equate, hold a candle to, identify with, link, make like, match, notice similarities, parallel, put alongside, relate, resemble, show correspondence, stack up with, standardize, tie up, vie

Main Entry: compensate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: offset, make up for
Synonyms: abrogate, annul, atone for, balance , better, cancel out, counteract, counterbalance, counterpoise, countervail, fix, improve, invalidate, make amends, negate, negative, neutralize, nullify, outweigh, redress, repair, set off
Antonyms: damage, deprive, penalize

Main Entry: complement
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: companion, counterpart
Synonyms: accompaniment, addition, aggregate, augmentation, balance , capacity, completion, consummation, correlate, correlative, counterpart, enhancement, enrichment, entirety, filler, finishing touch, makeweight, pendant, quota, remainder, rest, rounding-off, supplement, total, totality

Main Entry: composition
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: structure, arrangement
Synonyms: agreement, architecture, balance , beauty, combination, concord, configuration, consonance, constitution, content, design, distribution, form, formation, harmony, layout, make-up, placing, proportion, relation, rhythm, spacing, style, symmetry, weave

Main Entry: composure
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: calmness, collectedness
Synonyms: accord, aplomb, assurance, balance , calm, contentment, control, cool head, cool*, coolheadedness, coolness, dignity, dispassion, ease, equanimity, equilibrium, even temper, evenness, fortitude, harmony, imperturbability, inexcitability, levelheadedness, moderation, nonchalance, peace of mind, placidity, poise, polish, presence of mind, quiet, quietude, repose, sang-froid, sedateness, self-assurance, self-control, self-possession, serenity, sobriety, stability, tranquility
Antonyms: agitation, arousal, discomposure, excitement, perturbedness, upset

Main Entry: contrast
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: compare, differ
Synonyms: balance, be a foil to, be contrary to, be dissimilar, be diverse, be unlike, be variable, bracket, collate, conflict, contradict, depart, deviate, differentiate, disagree, distinguish, diverge, hang, hold a candle to, match up, mismatch, oppose, separate, set in opposition, set off, stack up against, stand out, vary, weigh
Antonyms: accord, agree, be alike, be equal, be similar, coincide, concur, conform

Main Entry: counterbalance
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: offset an action
Synonyms: amend, atone for, balance , cancel, compensate, correct, counteract, counterpoise, countervail, equalize, make up for, outweigh, rectify, redeem, set off

Main Entry: cover
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: fill in for, compensate
Synonyms: balance , counterbalance, double for, insure, make good, make up for, offset, relieve, stand in for, substitute, take over, take the rap for

Main Entry: credit
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: deferred payment arrangement; assets
Synonyms: balance , bond, capital outlay, continuance, debenture, extension, installment buying, installment plan, lien, loan, mortgage, on account, on the arm, on the cuff, plastic, respite, securities, stock, surplus cash, tab, trust, wealth
Antonyms: cash
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Main Entry: earnings
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: money for work performed
Synonyms: balance , bottom line, emolument, gain, gate, groceries, in the black, income, lucre, net, pay, payoff, piece of the pie, proceeds, profit, receipts, remuneration, return, revenue, reward, salary, salt, stipend, take-home, takings, wages
Antonyms: bills, debt, losses, payout

Main Entry: equal
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: make even, be even with
Synonyms: agree, amount to, approach, balance , be commensurate, be identical, be level, be tantamount, break even, come up to, compare, comprise, consist of, coordinate, correspond, emulate, equalize, equate, equipoise, equiponderate, keep pace with, level, live up to, match, measure up, meet, parallel, partake of, rank with, reach, rise to, rival, run abreast, square with, tally, tie, touch
Antonyms: disproportion, imbalance, unmatch, vary

Main Entry: excess
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: overabundance of something
Synonyms: balance , by-product, enough, exorbitance, exuberance, fat, fulsomeness, glut, inundation, lavishness, leavings, leftover, luxuriance, nimiety, overdose, overflow, overkill, overload, overmuch, overrun, oversupply, overweight, plenty, plethora, profusion, recrement, redundance, redundancy, refuse, remainder, residue, rest, spare, superabundance, supererogation, superfluity, surfeit, surplus, the limit, too much of a good thing, too much*, waste, wastefulness
Antonyms: dearth, deficiency, insufficiency, lack, need, poverty, shortcoming, want
* = informal/non-formal usage

Main Entry: grace
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: charm, loveliness
Synonyms: address, adroitness, agility, allure, attractiveness, balance , beauty, breeding, comeliness, consideration, cultivation, decency, decorum, dexterity, dignity, ease, elegance, etiquette, finesse, finish, form, gracefulness, lissomeness, lithesomeness, mannerliness, manners, nimbleness, pleasantness, pliancy, poise, polish, propriety, refinement, shapeliness, smoothness, style, suppleness, symmetry, tact, tastefulness
Antonyms: clumsiness, ineptness, tactlessness

Main Entry: hesitate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: wait; be uncertain
Synonyms: alternate, balance , balk, be irresolute, be reluctant, be unwilling, blow hot and cold, dally, debate, defer, delay, demur, dillydally, dither, doubt, equivocate, falter, flounder, fluctuate, fumble, hang back, hang*, hedge, hem and haw, hold back, hold off, hover, linger, oscillate, pause, ponder, pull back, pussyfoot, scruple, seesaw, shift, shrink, shy away, sit on fence, stammer, stop, straddle, stumble, stutter, swerve, tergiversate, think about, think twice, vacillate, waffle, waver, weigh
Antonyms: attack, carry on, continue, go, go ahead, persevere, resolve
* = informal/non-formal usage

Main Entry: keep up
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: maintain, sustain
Synonyms: balance , compete, contend, continue, emulate, go on, hold on, keep pace, keep step, match, pace, persevere, preserve, rival, run with, vie
Antonyms: let go, neglect

Main Entry: moderation
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: temperance
Synonyms: balance , calmness, composure, constraint, coolness, dispassionateness, equanimity, fairness, forbearance, golden mean, judiciousness, justice, justness, lenity, measure, mildness, moderateness, patience, poise, quiet, reasonableness, restraint, sedateness, sedation, sobriety, steadiness, toleration
Antonyms: extreme, indulgence, intemperance, intensity, outrageousness, severity, unlimitedness, violence, wildness

Main Entry: outweigh
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: override, dominate
Synonyms: atone for, balance , cancel out, compensate, counterbalance, counterpoise, countervail, eclipse, exceed, excel, make up for, offset, outbalance, outrival, outrun, overcome, overshadow, predominate, preponderate, prevail, set off, surpass, take precedence, tip the scales 

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