Texture and Growth

Our tutorial is brought to you today by the letter M (for Melissa) and the T (for texture).  Sorry, I just flashed back to my Sesame Street days. Hey, that was a big part of my youth...it was a huge part of my Growth as a child! Okay, okay, before I start singing "B is for Bubble", check this out from our very own Melissa:

Add Some Texture Using Our Kits

 Hi everyone!

This months kit has plenty of opportunity to add some awesome texture to your layout. One of the products, in particular, is a fabulous way to add some organic texture. And that is the flocked rub-ons from Prima. When you first get your package, you might be a bit perplexed by the look. At least I was. Actually, I think the whole team was kind of questioning exactly how they would use it on their layouts. But that's why we are here. To do all the testing for you so that it's easy to put together your beautiful layouts.

The flocked rub-ons are to be used like any other rub on with a couple of differences. There is, obviously, a flocked side and when you turn it over there will be more flock but you'll be able to see the images and words. They will be a smoother, almost gold color. Keep in mind it will all be backwards since it's the bottom of the rub-on.

You can cut through the packaging and the rub on to take out what you like. (I'm so sorry I don't have a visual for all this! I'm kicking myself right now for not doing something...)

Place the smooth, gold side down on your surface and rub. It will feel lumpy and weird. But just rub. Then, when you are ready to see if it stuck, slowly peel back the top. But do so with the top flat and you might have to help press down the rub on a bit. Once it's down, it's down though. So no worrying of it lifting off.

We also have the lovely Adirondack Color Wash which is lovely way to add some texture without adding bulk to your layout.

Here is my 'One to Grow On' layout with a closeup to show you the luscious texture you can have...

As you dig in, feel free to ask questions! So many fun techniques to try out as you GROW with your 'inside out' scrapbooking.

Yes, come on over and join us... ask questions or share your textured layouts... we'd love to have you!


Kathie said...

Very nice....love your techniques...do you mind if I pinch a few??? I'd love to try out some new ones....
Awesome LO to...thanks for sharing
Love Kathie

Melissa Elsner said...

Of course you can Kathie and thank you! :)