Lay It Out: Breakthrough and Change!

Can you recall a true breakthrough where you had a change of heart or change of mind? Was there ever, or is there now, a part of your life where you see a barrier that seems impenetrable?

What did you need to change in order to break through the wall? Once you got through, did you find out that the wall was real, or in your mind? Have you experienced what first felt like a breakdown but ended up being a breakthrough? Has an obstacle ever become an opportunity, by your hand or by another?

Create a layout about a breakthrough you created or experienced, or one you'd like to make happen.

For the design twist, please create a unique wall that separates you from where you are to where you eventually got to, or would to be.

C'mon, Lay It Out with us!  Try this challenge on for size!  Please come back and share it with us on your blog (link us up in the comments) or at our gallery.  Visit our community for more challenges on Growth.

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