Three Days and Counting!

There are many great scrapbooking/art retreats out there…so why should you attend CRAFT: Creating Reflective Art for Transformation?

We’ve already told you about the inspirational a-list instructors sharing three full days of creativity, the industry-leading sponsors and the perfect combination of our sun-soaked city, oceanfront venue and stylish accommodations.

What really sets CRAFT apart is the work we’ve done these last three years at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, our kit club, inspiration source and online community.

We’ve interacted with thousands of participants all over the world to explore 36 emotions to date as we near our third anniversary. We’ve lifted ourselves and each other exploring Freedom, Gratitude, Anticipation and Wonder. We’ve faced our inner doubts and fears delving into Regret, Yearning, Loss and Vulnerability.

SFTIO’s trademarked and industry-exclusive approach to artistic motivation is the heart and soul of what makes us unique. Our monthly inspiration page with hand-selected music, stock photography, quotations and deep journaling prompts elevates scrapbooking to an expressive art form where members are guided to truly explore their inner worlds. Click here for links to our past Inspiration Pages to see!

We raise the bar even more by providing challenges using the prompts that add a design twist, teaching and learning with our members to use ‘visual journaling’ – powerful symbolism – to combine right and left brain expression. The result? Meaningful, rich, pages and projects that reflect all of who you are, Inside and Out.

Each of our workshops at CRAFT will incorporate a variety of our tested, proven multimedia inspiration tools combined with the special talents and techniques of our stellar teaching staff. We’ll begin and end each workshop with discussion and sharing, supported by our resident Art Therapist Rita Coufal, PhD.

Growth is a journey…not a destination. And it’s a most personal one…only you know what you need out of this experience. In the intimate, supportive setting we’ve created for you, you’ll have the opportunity to practice being more and more yourself. Our take on scrapbooking and creativity isn’t about a quick fix, or a set of ‘positive thinking’ reminders. It’s about a deeper approach, telling your truth – pretty or not, looking at both sides of the coin, and leaving our weekend together with the creative skills and tools to be more fully expressed in your life.

We would be honored to welcome you to our family of CRAFTers!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post all about our fun extras, a full description of the event and how you can register! Saturday morning is almost here…are you ready?

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