Seeds of Optimism

Was over browsing our gallery and wanted to share more layouts with you.   So hard to pick and choose... which one shall it be?  I couldn't decided today so I just closed my eyes and pointed, then pointed again.  Two for you today.

Here's a layout by Christa Paustenbaugh...

I love how it's all just front-and-center... her photo just pops out at you and makes you smile and then draws you to her journaling about her optimistic outlook on life.   The colors she chose, the way she laid it out, it all just encourages me to keep seeing the glass as half full.

Here's another layout.  This one is by Felecia Krech...

What I love about this layout is that, unlike Christa's very prominent photo, Felecia didn't use a photo at all.  Yet, it captures your attention with the paper flower and landscape and then  pulls you to the journaling to see what it's all about.  The journaling just sucks you in and when you're done you just want to join Felecia in her quest to be like a seed!

Have you made any layouts yet?  Please come share them over in our community and then browse more of the great designs submitted by our fabulous design team!

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