Lay It Out! Talking to Yourself...

I have voices in my head.  Do you?  They talk to me all the time.  When I have a decision to make, when I have things to remember, when I need to solve a problem... oh my, the chatter is always there.  I got to thinking about these "voices" (my, that sounds like I'm a tad off my rocker).  I started to realize that sometimes these voices are very helpful, and sometimes... not so much.

This month at Inside Out we're exploring Optimism.  What a great opportunity to lay out my "voices" and explore how they affect me.  Let's think about this:

Is the chatter in your head more positive or negative?  Why do you think that is?  What tools, techniques, words and images do you use to remind yourself how strong you can be?

For me, I have a fall-back phrase that I borrowed from an old Nike advertisement, "Just Do It!"  When I don't feel like cleaning up the kitchen after a large dinner was cooked, often that voice says to me, "just do it!".  When I am hemming and hawing about working out, that phrase will pop up.  When I need to approach someone about a difficult topic, after much hesitation, that phrase screams out at me.  I think this is a good start for me...I'm totally going to make this a layout!

Hey, how about a design twist to challenge you while you lay it out?  How about incorporating a thought bubble?

C'mon, get crafty!  Then come on over to the Inside Out gallery and share your layout with us!

And please, someone... someone...tell  me you have voices in your head too!


Laurie! said...

I am CONSTANTLY "in my own head," if you will. I rehash conversations or make up how I think a conversation will go. I go through mental lists or talk myself into or out of something. I daydream A LOT. I don't have one phrase that I repeat over and over. (There's too much else going on in there for just one thing to get put on repeat!) I think that is why I am so quiet - I'm thinking to myself instead of saying it out loud to other people. In school, I didn't answer many questions because I was too busy thinking about how I would answer instead of just raising my hand and saying something. I think A LOT.

lizzyc said...

oh yes i have those voices..they are there.. another quote is as a man thinks, so he is.. we need so much to think on the good and lovely and positive because the negative is always ready to pull us down.. a great topic to THINK about!!!

Kai said...

I love that quote lizzyc! Thanks for sharing it!!

DianeH said...

I hear voices, too. Have whole conversations up there!
I use Just do it! myself. Or I like "just one step at a time".