Want to Win the Resilience Kit?

You can by joining us over at Ali Edwards' blog. There are some gorgeous closeups of the kit to see and you can join in on sharing a moment of resilience from your life. Please make sure you comment there to be entered to win. How have you been resilient?

Here's a layout from Design Team Coordinator Melissa Elsner to whet your appetite!

Remember that phrase from childhood? When hurtful things happen today, are you able to take this to heart?

Click here to go to Ali's blog for your chance to win.

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Naomi Armenta said...

I do remember this and it is hard these days to sometimes pass this on to our childrn. Today's times are so different and the world is a much harsher, cruel place than when we grew up. I always tell my children...they are just words...but some kids these days take it several steps further and do physical harm and other inappropriate things! Let's all try to instill great values and morals in our children. Let's make it a better place for everyone and everything!