Custom Vintage Backgrounds

Still haven't  signed up over at Inside Out's community?  I really can't let you miss out on these wonderful tips, tricks and tutorials.  Here's another one from the fabulous Fabi.  Make your own custom vintage-like backgrounds using some of these tips...

Creating Cool Vintage-Like Backgrounds

Hey gals!!!!!

I'm very glad to share with you something that I really love to do: create my own backgrounds. It's easy and fun work to do, so your projects can be even more exclusive.

So what you'll need? Gesso, stamps you like, ink and mists. That's all for this one.

1) Paint the gesso onto the cardstock. You don't need to worry with how even you paint it...some parts you'll have more, some parts less, that's okay.

2) Spray the mist over it just to add a bit of color.

3) Using a background stamp and an ink pad, stamp over the dried gesso.

4) You're done! simple, isn't it?

Hope you all have fun and I want to see what you come up with. Cheers!
Thanks Fabi, what fun!  Alright everyone, you heard her... now go out and have some fun... create and let's see it!


Mari said...

Oooooooo goodness rarely do I get excited over a new tech. I love the idea of mixing the two mediums together... awesome...love it and can not wait to give it a try... and it will be soon!! Thanks!!

Patty said...

WOW that is gorgeous!!! Love this technique Fabi, you rocked it:)