Let's Reflect & Journal

At Inside Out, we have all kinds of inspiration just waiting for you to grab a hold of it and RUN with it.  Have you seen our amazing Inspiration page for Reflection?  If you haven't, why not?  My goodness, it's FREE and there is so much there for you to read, see, and hear... just ready for you to bend it to your creative will! 

Well, heck... maybe I should share some with you here.  You know, to whet your appetite... (or is that, wet your whistle?)  Well, it's your lucky day... read on...

Let's look at some images depicting reflection and talk about a few of the journaling prompts.  For example:

Water: Water can take many forms - solid like ice, liquid, and vapor - steam or fog. Even on its surface, there can be stillness, rippling, waves and tsunamis. How does the image of water affect you? Is it calming? How does your reflection appear in different literal and symbolic states of water, and what does that represent?

Or take some time and look at and in and around a mirror.  Check out these mirror journaling prompts:
Mirror Image: In what areas of your life does seeing things backwards make a difference? Do you ever take a purposeful look at a situation from the opposite angle you'd usually take? If you could write yourself a note in the steam on the bathroom mirror, or have someone else write it for you, what message would you want to read, knowing that it would disappear and you only had a few moments to take it in?

And my personal favorite topic in any aspect of my life, nature:

Nature: What do the images of birds, eggs, branches and botanicals say to you? Do you feel close to nature or removed from it? Is there a different power and meaning in live plants and animals vs. those recorded in books and in museums? Do these images make you feel more alive, or not?
These are just a few tidbits out of a plethora (isn't that a great word?) of ideas, prompts and other insights over at Inside Out.  Make sure you visit us to see all of our monthly inspiration.

Of the few I shared here, what speaks to you the most?

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