Purpose Layout Challenge

What's your purpose?

Meaning: Do you know what your purpose is? Does your work, your family life, your avocation give you a sense of meaning and value? What parts of your life aren’t working, and what could you do to change that? Do you believe that there’s a purpose for your life that was decided for you by a greater force, or do you determine your own meaning? Is there such a thing as ‘mattering’? How would you know if you did matter?

For our first Purpose layout challenge, please create a LO about your purpose and how it is divided between the different parts of your life.

For the design twist, show us the slices of the pie of your time...

Everyone is welcome to play along, kit or not! You can post your layout in our gallery here.

So, what's your purpose?

I am hoping that via SFTIO, you will be inspired and motivated to be the real you, and to express it fully and freely. Thanks for helping give me my purpose.


1 comment:

Kelly Massman said...

You know I struggle almost daily trying to figure out what my purpose is--i have so little self-esteem. I'm really going to try to do this layout so I can figure that out! :-) Thanks!