Layout Inspiration and Your Purpose

Here are the fourth and fifth challenges for this month's kit, PURPOSE. Challenge yourself to create a LO about your purpose. Need more free inspiration? Come to our monthly INSPIRATION PAGE for music, stock photos, quotations and more!

October Challenge #4, Decision/Time

Resolved: How do you know when you’ve made a decision you can live with? Do you prefer to keep things flexible until it’s totally necessary to settle on one thing or another, or are you quick to make your decisions and move on? Has someone in your life ever made a decision that has impacted you in a major way, for better or for worse, and what was your response?

Please create a LO about an important decision you or someone else made that has/is impacted/impacting you.

For the design twist, please use a time image - like the calendar pcs on the crate paper, or a clock...or something else entirely!

October Challenge #5, Goals/Words

Goals: What are your main goals? Are they equally distributed between the personal and professional areas of your life? What have you accomplished in the last year, and what do you hope to accomplish this coming year? Do you share your goals with people in your life, or do you keep them to yourself – are you ever afraid that letting them be known will diminish your chances of fulfilling them?

How do you feel about what you've accomplished this year? What do you wish to accomplish next year? Tell us.

For the design twist, use words in a stylized way - using the font or size or position in your design choice. Are your goals small or large? Are they in your grasp or floating in the clouds?

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