Another Chance to Win? Yes! And Intention.

Check us out on Cathy Zielske's blog today here.

We've got our second PURPOSE layout challenge up on the message board too - here it is (and you can play along, kit or not!). Our challenges make you really think and dig deep to use symbolism along with your photos and journaling to tell a richer story about YOU:

October Challenge #2, Intention/Focal Point

Intention: One definition for purpose is intention. How do you participate in creating your future by setting intentions? Do you think your life is haphazard or guided by decisions that you make? Are there methods you use to focus your plans – are you a list maker, a planner, a dreamer? Or do you prefer to let the wind and waves of life carry you? Do you feel different about this question in different areas of your life?

The universe may have a purpose, but nothing we know suggests that, if so, this purpose has any similarity to ours. Bertrand Russell

I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions. Augusten Burroughs

For challenge #2 please create a LO about setting intentions. Does it work?

For the design twist, please pick a unique focal point for your layout.

Here are some great DT layouts featuring the concept of INTENTION.

So tell me...do you set intentions?

I am a long-time list-maker. One of the things I like to do is make lists of not just the 'to-do' of day to day life, but my long term goals as well. For me, there's something about having them down on paper that makes them more real. It's like having a star to guide you - if you see what you want to create, it's easier to create it - not by magic, but by intentionally shifting back when you're off your path.

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