Gaining Perspective on Courage

So I alluded last week to some big stuff in my life. The news is that I was laid off from my day job last week. This is ACTUALLY GREAT news, as I was almost ready to leave on my own, and if I had, I wouldn't have received a severance package...so I left under the best circumstances. The organization is going through a restructure and there are about 20-25 people in total being let go. I was getting prepared to leave at some point soon as I was ramping up the business...so the timing is fantastic!

So here I am, full time entrepreneur! Just a bit sooner than I expected, but I am very excited, nervous, hopeful...everything you can imagine...I feel very fortunate that I have the resources and COURAGE to handle this change...so many other friends don't.

14 hours before I got the news at work, I found out that a dear young friend who was our dogsitter died last week. She committed suicide at the age of 19. It certainly put things in perspective. I am blessed to have a life, and the strength, to persevere when she could not...it is just heartbreaking.

Here's a photo of Chantal, on the right, with our other young friend Ruby and our dog...he loved her so much. Look closely and you'll see he's proving that in the photo.

Chantal was a brilliant artist and sweet, sweet girl who had a terrible family life and a lot of pain. I pray that she is at peace.

So the loss of a job that I was ready to leave isn't much of a loss...and it reminds me that if we can inspire women and girls to be fully expressed and to explore their emotions, maybe there will be one less senseless loss. I'm dedicating the teen program we're working on to Chantal's memory...more on that soon.


chksngr said...

WOW!! I'm both excited and heartbroken for you....I kLove that your drive is to help women fully express themselves. We are hiding too much from one another in our world.

Kelly Massman said...

So sorry to hear of the young girl. It's heartbreaking. Best of luck on the creative job!

nancy said...

It's the dawning of a whole new era!

And I know Chantal will be greatly missed.

Rbarakat said...

Wow Rachel - that's a lot of heavy news. It breaks my heart to hear about this young girl - the loss is unbearable. ((hugs))You must be devastated.

As for you, you strong courageous woman - you are resiliant and amazing and I know that this is just a new beginning in what's in store. Change is here, staring at you in the face and I know you will be immensly sucessful in anything you do. I know you have lots of plans ;) and I wish you the best.

Cokie Pop Paper Boutique said...

I've had a suicide in my family too so this breaks my heart that Chantal was in so much pain. Sending prayers to her family.

Blessings on your business venture.

Louisa May said...

Congratulations on your newfound entrepreneurial freedom !! i think you are meant to do this ! Thoughts and hugs to you on the loss of Chantal - she is such a beautiful girl, and i think it just epitomizes courage in itself to dedicate the teen programme to her memory. Was just in Santa Monica the past weekend - my first time. It's beautiful !!!

Kelly Massman said...

Just wanted to drop in and say hi--couldn't find an email address for you! I was lucky enough to win your Courage kit on Glitz Designs' blog! You shipped it to me so quickly! Thanks so much--it's fantastic!!!!!! I put a picture with a link to your site on my blog: http://kmassman-scrapbooks-cards.blogspot.com/2010/07/3-generations-young-girl-is-my-twin.html