Stop on the Inside Out Hop

Hi everyone, and welcome to SFTIO's first blog hop!

Today is all about sharing what's unique, different and amazing about Scrapbooking from the Inside Out's kits - all-in-one, huge, stylish, each different, up-to-the-minute and DEEP. No one else provides the content, meaning and inspiration that we do to scrapbook about your thoughts, dreams, fears and hopes. At SFTIO, we share our hearts on the page and with each other!

This month's kit, ANTICIPATION, is all about life's perched moments – ones in which we anxiously await our next steps, or the path that life has chosen for us. Sometimes we wait with patience and tranquility; sometimes we’re vibrating with possibility and ache to reach out with both hands toward the future.

Each of our designers is going to share the behind-the-scenes view of how they were inspired to create one of their ANTICIPATION themed layouts.

Your first stop? Head over to see what our brilliant DT Coordinator Nancy Doren's blog. She'll direct you from there, but make sure you stop at all the stops to maximize your chances to win! See you back here at the SFTIO blog at the end of your trip, where you'll need to comment as well to enter.

This is the prize...


The giveaway will end Wednesday morning at 8:00 am PDT (UTC-8) and we'll announce a winner here on the SFTIO blog.

When you leave your final comment here, make sure to tell us what YOU'RE waiting for!

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Meagan said...

Love this whole blog hop thing, what a great way to see talented scrapbooker blogs!

I am eagerly anticipating a phone call that could change my life - I applied to work for the police and I have one final interview to get through! I've been wanting this for 2 years now but the economy has not been so job friendly. Here's hoping I can blow them out of the water!

Audra said...

Super cool blog hop!! I loved all the awesome inspiration!! I'm anticipating a vacation!! Just a short weekend trip... hopefully in the near future... I really need it!! We've had a lot of upsetting news lately and I need a break!!

TeenaBugg38 said...

What am I waiting for? Good question.....I need to stop waiting for a reason to live life to it's fullest and just do it!!

Divinity said...

this blog hop was fabulous!!! i love hops that showcase layouts rather than cards! (i'm a scrapper first...and love getting inspiration from visiting other blogs). :)
as for the question -- i'm anticipating the future! i'm waiting and waiting...trying to keep patient...but oh!!! LOL

JO SOWERBY said...

i am anticipating the results of my crb checks and references so i can start my new job after 6 months unemploment. this will mean i can then buy a 6 month subscription to ur kit club!!!!
Jo xxx

Carla said...

This is kit very very pretty and I loved what everyone did with the papers and embellishments! Love having the blog hop for a chane to win, so thanks.
Im waiting for my X hubby to wake up and realize that he needs to STEP up the the plate and be a father and a provider for his kids, but I will probably wait a very very long time for that, I dont for see that happening anytime soon.

humel said...

Wow, amazing collection of layouts, so much inspiration :-)

I'm waiting for my poor husband to get better, he's been feeling rotten for a couple of weeks and can't seem to shake off this bug :-(

carolyn said...

this was the best blog hop i've seen yet! found some great new blogs (well, new to me :) ).

i've spent the last 3 years anticipating my graduation from grad school -- and now it's here!

Melinda AKA medialady said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful blog hop. The way the girls used the kit was so inspiring and gave me many ideas. Right now my anticipation is "waiting for school to be out for the summer" - LOL! I drive a school bus and I need a vacation!
On a more serious note it would be the college graduation of my younger son. He has only one more year!

Cheri said...

The blog hop was a FANTASTIC way to get introduced to SFTIO! The May kit is so gorgeous and full of possibility. Now I'm just waiting for the post saying that I won it!

Jenni said...

I am waiting for summer! I look forward to having my kids all to myself! For some reason my daughter signed herself up for summer school!

TrayChic said...

Love this kit! Sooo pretty! All of the DT gals are so talented; I loved their layouts!

I'm anticipating a full time job. I graduated from college last year and I'm still waiting on a full time teaching job. Until then, I get to scrapbook more!

Clair said...

I've been following a few of the (talented) DT for a while now, but it'll be nice to see a few new faces and find even more inspiration.

Personally, I'm waiting until I can fit in some of my old clothes before I buy a whole new, much slimmed down wardrobe.

Can you tell I'm just back from the gym?

Jocelyn said...

What a great Blog Hop...I just adored each of the designers and their wonderful creations!!!

I am waiting for the ENT to call me back....I have not been able to kick this horrible sinus infection and he better call back soon!!! Also waiting for my Birthday on Thursday!!! YIPPEE!!!

Amanda said...

This is my first time with a blog hop and it's so much fun. More blogs to become addicted to and read daily.

wendipooh13 said...

oh wow what a great hop and cool kit!!! yummy and delicious..

what am I waiting for? summer, warm weather and the kids to be in swim lessons- that is my fave time to watch them outside, they are sooo happy

Bernice said...

This is the first blog hop I have stayed the whole journey with. Such a talented bunch of girls in the DT.

I'm waiting for us to decide where we are going for our main vacation this year. Apart from visiting the States over the New Year!

Audrey Yeager said...

Wonderful wonderful blog hop!!! I just love this kit and what everyone did with it! The Pinnk Paislee was one of my fav releases this year!

Right now I am waiting for a package of scrappy goodies to arrive and also a very important email! Thanks again for the fun hop!

Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

I did the blog hop! fun, great stuff, i so hope i win so i can authentically lift all those great layouts!!! Anyway, what i am anticipating is it being evening, since i have 2 temporary crowns being put on, and i'm a difficult person to get numb and to KEEP numb, so i'm really scared about this dentist appointment that i have at 1:45! AAAK!

Collette Osuna said...

Hi Rachel....I just officially completed my first blog hop:) How fun!!
I loved looking at all the beautiful designs:)

chksngr said...

Adored this blog hop! What am I waiting for!?!?!? Welll...I'm not exactly one to sit around waiting...I usually am doing something while I wait...I'm anticipating the day when I can be a full time Mommy. When somebody tells me they are a "stay at home mom" its like they are telling me they are "king of the world." Seriously!

Stefanie said...

I love the whole blog hop, what a great way to see the team and to enjoy the added benefit of the details behind their LO's. I also loved how the LO's are so very different yet using the same kit.
What a fantastic team.

I am waiting to hear who else is going to be invited to be a part of this special group of people, and hoping I will be one of them.

Nicole K/GothamGal said...

I'm waiting for a friend to find out if she's in labor or just a false alarm.
I'm waiting on a call from a friend.
I'm waiting to hear about a new job.

I'm waiting to see what kit could possibly top this one next month!?!

I really like that you've assembled a kit that can inspire people in so many different ways but yet capture one word/emotion. Thank you for the chance to win.

~HappyScrappinMama~ said...

I really enjoyed this blog hope, the inspiration was awesome and the talent is amazing. This kit is beautiful.

I can't really think of anything I am "waiting for" so to speak that is anything major. But I am patiently awaiting the end of the school year, this is the first year in a long time that I will have several days a week off of work to spend with my children. We began working 12 hour shifts just before school started so we have more time off. I look forward to spending lots of time together with the kids this summer.

kmassman said...

What a wonderful blog hop! I am waiting for a visit from my mom and dad!! Thanks for a chance at a wonderful giveaway! That looks like a great kit!

Nena said...

Rachel Rachel Rachel, this blog hop was awesome! What a talented DT we have here!! Many of those blogs are bookmarked now for me to go back and look for some inspiration!!! Thank you so much!!!
Right now I am soooooooo excited for my second little one to come along in January! It was so unexpected and so we are a little nervous, but more excited than anything. I am so excited to see what a great big brother my DS will be, and meet our newest little blessing!
Thanks again for everything!!! SFTIO is awesome!!!

Ziggyeor said...

I loved the blog hop and seeing what everyone did with the kit!

I'm anticipating new jobs for summer and for getting into teaching and finally starting my career.

Melissa Elsner said...

This kit is so beautiful and the DT did such a wonderful job showcasing it in their layouts. I appreciate their willingness to journal and share!

What am I anticipating? The future of course! I'm going back to school and I'm excited and scared of what will come with that. Will I still be a math whiz? Will I have the GPA I wish to attain? How long will it take to get my B.A.? What will I do after that? And (hehe) will financial aid cover all of it??

Charisma3103 said...

Hmmm What am I waiting for well I am anticipating the news of the new DT..

Janie Boots

Juliet Diley said...

Wonderful hop!

What am I waiting for? Many things, some are good, some are scary, some are exciting and some that make me wonder how I will make it through them.

I think though, the most anticipated thing is more grand children. I know that this will bring my married children closer and will defiantly bring some of the 'baby' craziness in mine and hubby's life that we miss!

Tammy said...

What a neat blog hop...I have never been on a layout one before and really enjoyed it. Great papers where showcased and embellishments.
I am anticipating a healing for my hubby really quick~like. He ended up in the hospital on Mothers day for his back and needs to get better quickly.

Helen said...

This was an awesome blog hop--everyone's work is just amazing!!

I am eagerly anticipating some much needed relief from our bills and it's supposed to happen this week!

I am now a follower and need to start Scrapbooking From the Inside Out too!

Sandi said...

i loved participating in the blog hop. I really enjoy being part of the SFTIO community. I am anticipating doing some great layouts this month using the challenges you put on the website.

Gynergy said...

I'm waiting to move closer to my sweetie..

lkamphuis said...

Great blog hop - loved it
Thanks heaps!
Great looking kit too

marit said...

Can you believe this was my first blog hop EVA??!!! (I know I'm late, it's wednesday overhere... but I still wanted to do it!)
The Design Ladies are awesome, and I love everything about this kit club and its concept!!! I keep on saying it... so glad I found you!
And about anticipation... aweee, we have something "cooking" in our household but I'm too afraid it all might go wrong that I don't want to even put it in a comment.... just keep your fingers crossed, allright?!