Must See Video - What Moves You?

Many of you know I am a HUGE James Taylor fan.

Want some proof?

Hidden Journaling:

There’s a kind of joy that I feel when I look at James in this photo or listen to his music that isn’t the kind of joy that makes you jump up and down. It’s the kind of joy that bubbles up slowly from somewhere deep inside.

I think that it’s because his whole energy is one of quiet…a peacefulness that radiates out from him thorough his voice and his persona.

I remember reading an interview once where has was asked about whether he was actually as calm inside as other people’s view of him. He said that he struggles with depression and ‘free-floating anxiety’ still to this day, but that the difference now is that when he has down moments, he knows that it is only temporary. That really spoke to me – that he can accept himself where he is and ride the wave of emotion, looking at it and not reacting to it. Just watching it go by and knowing that he will soon feel better.

I didn’t love the most recent CD (Covers) – I liked a few songs, but for the most part it fell flat for me because he was singing other people’s music. I love when he performs his own music – it feels like he is speaking directly from his heart to my heart. I think that’s his true gift – his ability to express his own unique, deepest emotions through his craft. And isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? Isn’t that what I’m trying to do right here and now?

The look of peaceful contentment and happiness on his face in this photo inspires me.

I look at it and I imagine all the dreams I have for my future in that box. And the look on his face says, ‘here they are, your gifts…all you have to do is unwrap them.’

I’m all for the ‘whoopie’ kind of joy.

But this joy is different...lasting, meaningful, deep and rich.

That’s the joy I truly seek.

October 2008

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Here's a great bootleg video (not mine!) of James and Carole King at the Hollywood Bowl concert I attended a few weeks ago. This brings me pure bliss and makes my eyes and heart swell with tears at the same time. It reminds me that I want every one of my LOs to do the same.




chksngr said...

Rachel, SOOO FUNNY that you posted this...when I was a little girl, my mom used to play the original version of this from the Everly Brothers. My sister and I grew up on it. We learned it at a YOUNG age - like 5 and 7 - and we could sing it, harmony and all. What an awesome memory THIS brought back! THANKS!!

Rachel said...

Did you know that Carole wrote this song with Howard Greenfield? She is a prolific musical wizard.

Enjoy the Ride said...

They're going to be in Columbus coming up soon!!

Warm n Wonderful said...

What a small world. I am going with friends tonight to see James Taylor and Carole King!

I saw him in an outdoor event a couple of years ago, and it rained, no, it was a huge storm. I got soaked and had to leave early, very disappointed. When I got home I could still wring the water out of my clothes!

The venue today is indoors, so I will be able to enjoy it thoroughly!

Warm n Wonderful said...
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Warm n Wonderful said...

Hey Rachel, just wanted to let you know what a great time I had here in Toronto at the King/Taylor concert last night. Poor Carole had some throat problems, or a cold or something and sounded rather raspy throughout, but nonetheless she was brilliant. I got lots of video and a few photos that I will post on my blog later this weekend.