More FEMININITY Challenges...Play to Win

Here are this month's remaining layout challenges on the subject of FEMININITY. Come on in and play! Just upload your LO in our gallery and you'll be eligible to win one of our monthly prizes. We're all about digging deep...want to explore your inner world? What are you waiting for? You don't need the kit to play...everyone is welcome!

Check out this post for the other three challenges for this month...

April Challenge #4, Motherhood/Small Items

Motherhood: Are you a mother, or do you want to be? If not, why? How much do you think the act of bearing or raising a child is intimately entwined with your womanhood? What different and important roles do fathers play in the raising of children? If you are a mother, how do you balance this important choice and responsibility with other parts of your life, including your career or your marriage? If you’re a single or divorced mother, what special responsibilities do you hold, and how do you feel about them? How did your mother’s mothering style affect how you raise your children?

For our next challenge, tell us about your thoughts about motherhood and if it is entwined with womanhood for you.

For the design twist, please use some tiny elements representing the little ones, present or not...

April Challenge #5, Men/Contrast

Our Men: How have the men in your life impacted who you are today? What was your relationship with your dad, grandfather, brothers, and other men like in your youth and today, if it applies? How have those formative relationships impacted your relationship choices as an adult? Do you remember other men, like teachers, religious leaders, or coaches who had an important impact on you?

As a woman, how do men play a role in your life? Do they help you define your femininity? Who are the men who have impacted you most?

For the design twist, please use contrast on your LO to demonstrate the differences between us...hard and soft, light and dark...

April Challenge #6, Synonyms/Word Cloud

Words float all around us like a cloud...positive, negative, names, epithets...they all have meaning.

Please create a LO about what word...woman, girl, gal, chick, describes you best, and why. Has that changed over time? Do any of those words offend you?

For the design twist, please use a 'word cloud' on your page...maybe a letter jumble (use up those extra alphas) and pop your word out!

April Challenge #7, FREESTYLE

What haven't we covered this month? Do you have a FEMININITY LO that's burning a hole in your brain? Show us and you could win this month's FREESTYLE category...

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Enjoy the Ride said...

As usual, the month has sped by me... I'll have to see what I can do this week. Great challenges, all!