POSSIBILITY Challenges - Create, Make Meaning and Win

One of my favorite things about Scrapbooking from the Inside Out is our challenges. We encourage a rich artistic exploration - one that takes your pages about emotion to the next level. We begin with a thoughtful prompt and add a design twist - a chance to use visual journaling to deepen the expression of the idea on your layout.

Here are our first three challenges for the POSSIBILITY kit...but you don't need the kit to join us! You can play along by creating your page to interpret the challenge, and post it in our gallery here. You'll need to register as a member of the Message Board first to log in. All layouts are eligible to win our individual challenges. Grand prizes are available to kit buyers, though, so if you've been wanting to join, that's another great reason! We judge challenges on the 30th, so you've got plenty of time...and there are more challenges to come. They're a great and meaningful way to explore your inner world.

January Challenge #1, One Word/Calendar

One Word: All our 'one words' begin with possibility - the belief that we can accomplish what we set out to do, that we have the self-awareness and opportunity to create our own future. Is picking a word for your year empowering or pressure-filled? How have your previous words (if you've had them) worked to help focus you? Have you referred back to them, like a mantra, or did you pick one and move away from using it as your year progressed? How might you handle that differently in 2010? Some of us have already started our scrapbook year getting underway with our one word. Here's another look...

Please create a LO about your one word for 2010, comparing it to the result, good or bad, of your focus on last year's word. Will you do it differently? Please use an interesting calendar motif on your page.

January Challenge #2, Are All Things Possible/Thought Bubbles

All Things Are Possible: Are they? How confident are you that all things are really possible? What gives you that belief - religion? Your own inner resources? What have you accomplished that you might have previously thought was impossible? How did you get to that place - were you surprised at your own strength and abilities, or did you watch yourself develop into a person who could do and be more? Are there people in your life who create a sense of possibility for you? Is anything actually impossible, or are you THE eternal optimist?

Tell us on a LO if, and then why or why not, you think all things are possible. For the design twist, please use thought bubbles of some sort.

January Challenge #3, Imagination/Song Lyrics, Not Title!

Imagine: If you let your imagination run wild, what do you dream of? How do your wildest dreams compare to your stated goals - how far off are they? If they're not close, why? What stops you from reaching for your more far out fantasies? Are you more of a realist or a dreamer? Were you a more fanciful dreamer as a child? What inspires you to think and dream big? If you could create one big thing in your life, one dream or goal, what would it be, and why?

Please create a LO about your wildest dream of your future. For the design twist, you just MUST use a song - there are so many good ones about imagination, fantasy, etc...but for your title, DON'T use the title of the song...pull out some lyrics that speak to your heart...and use a treatment on your title that tells the story visually - for example, if your title is 'on fire', make some flames...

We look forward to seeing what you do! You could win this:



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A Sarasota said...

Wow, these are awesome, thoughtful challenges! This year, journaling is key to my designs, telling the story in more detail, so these are very much in keeping with my goals. I am trying the one little word idea for the first time as a guiding principle to help me keep the joy. Thanks for being an inspiration!