FaLaLaLa Freebies Tuesday Winners and Next Giveaway!

It's time for yesterday's winners and today's inspiration and giveaway!

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Random.org says our winners are #7:

Melinda AKA medialady said...
I stand up for myself at work but I am not very good with this around my dad and stepmother. I guess I don't want to hurt feelings but I want to be the peacemaker of the bunch.

and #1:

LaMaMaLa said...
I want to stand up for myself more. My family has always been pretty sneaky in the way they disrespect people, and so I'd like to be more straightforward.

-- I love the journaling on the LO! Super cute, as are the stars!

Congratulations, Melinda and LaMaMaLa (you're on fire!). Thanks for playing...please email me at rachinla@aol.com with your snail mail address and we'll get your prize out ASAP! Please make sure you use the email address you used to register at the website so we can match you up!

I really do love reading what you all share - thank you SO much...

Here's today's inspiration and giveaway:

This is 'I Change' by Nancy Doren, using our Renewal kit.

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Warm n Wonderful said...

Change, it is sometimes an easy thing and sometimes the hardest thing in the world. I lost my partner a number of years ago to meningitis and the change of being a couple to being a single is still affecting my life today. However when there are bad things in your life, change can be a very empowering thing. I had a job once where I was being bullied by the boss, and after I left that well paying job for a lower income, the quality of my life jumped up to a much higher level!

Jenn said...

Hi, I found your blog through the All about Me blog...
About change...As much as I'd love to say I'm all about it, I'm not. Even if it's brought on by my own decisions! It seems that lately, no decision or change has been small. With two babies and a husband, any change I make involves how it will affect them and that is, by far, the hardest thing to do. If I make a change that affects them negatively, wow, does it hurt. I try to accept the changes I can do nothing about and focus on what I can, but it seems the ones I can't affect affect me the hardest!
(sorry if that was so long!)

Cassie_lu said...

Change is something that I struggle with as it means I don't always have control. I am learning that change will and should happen and that it can be a really good thing. Having kids is helping me learn to see things in new light and to go with the flow.

LaMaMaLa said...

Change...it happens when you least expect it!!! It's a natural part of life. I try hard to embrace it, because resisting it just makes life harder, and thats the last thing i need!

-- Yay! So exciting! Thanks a bunch! Hopefully I'll stay on fire and win that kit on xmas! I'd SO love to! I haven't done a kit yet, but it could very well get me hooked!

Monica Downing aka Madzie said...

I believe that change is good. It comes in so many different forms. The change in seasons happens 4 times a year and we all have our reasons for loving them. Maybe try to find one thing you love about each change that takes place in your life and go from there.
My life has been full of both good and bad changes but I am still here and everyday brings change so I try to embrace it. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Merry Christmas to everyone

corinnelister said...

Change - it happens whether you like it or not! The exciting thing is watching the changes as my 2 yo and 3 month old grow and develop.

Michele said...

Change is good, we progress with change, but only with a positive attitude.

Sandi said...

When something happens that is completely out of my control....like many times per day!...I tell myself, "oh, this is another opportunity for change! How lovely." Even with sarcasm, it helps ease me into change.

Kathy Carr said...

Change is scary! But I agree with the saying: the only thing constant in this universe IS change! I have learned to go with the flow and embrace change.