Fa La La La Freebies: Thursday Winner and Friday Inspiration/Giveaway

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#3 is Wednesday's winner!

connie said...
I think I am a very generous person but need to be more generous with strangers. I wish I was able to do more for people who have less than me.

3:27 PM, December 03, 2009

I am LOVING reading everyone's comments...you're all so deep!

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December 4th:

Here's Friday's inspiration and giveaway:

Another great LO by Nancy Doren, using our LOSS kit.

Aren't those tassels and circles perfect - they're like falling teardrops. I love Nancy's honesty. Life includes so much dificulty, and the world sometimes looks like it can't get better - it gets overwhelming for me too. Expressing the difficulties you see and experience are SO important - putting them on paper, using symbols that speak your truth, frees up your heart and mind. That's what Scrapbooking from the Inside Out is all about. These kits, and our industry exclusive inspiration, give you everything you need to be fully expressed.

Today’s giveaway -

Two great items from the LOSS kit:

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A Sarasota said...

I wish I could fix all the meanness in the world, the judging, the backbiting, the nastiness. If I could wave a wand and make people be nicer to each other, I would!
Lovely LO for the LOSS kit, btw.

charli24 said...

I wish I could fix all of the poverty in the world today. There is no reason someone should be starving especially children. Also, cruelty to poor defenseless animals.

Rebecca In MI said...

There are lots of things but the first thing that came to my mind was all the kids that don't have someone to love them! We adopted two children, one was a toddler and one was 8 and I wish we would have been able to take more. There are SO many kids in foster care!

connie said...

I wish I change all of the jobless families that are losing their homes.

Tanya said...

I wish I could fix the meanness and abuse towards children. I just don't see how anyone could do harm to a child.

Amber said...

I wish I could fix the lack of innocence in children these days.. It makes me sad to see how young children are when they begin to realize the evils of the world.

Enjoy the Ride said...

Nancy's layout SO speaks to me and I can easily replace myself in that photo. Less-globally, though, I'd love to fix my older two kids and the way the warped treatment by their biological mother twisted their hearts and minds. I'd love to take that away and give them a fighting chance to find peace, love and happiness in this world. I suppose I could extrapolate that feeling out because I'd love for all kids who were twisted by adults to have that same opportunity.

LaMaMaLa said...

I wish I could change everyone without a home these holidays, its a horrible feeling for people!

Mia Castrillo said...

I wish I could take away the selfishness in people. If people weren't too self abosrbed I think the world would be a better place for everyone.

fairyrocks said...

Wow those are some sweet giveaways.
I found my way here through Rita
(you rock BTW girl)
If I could fix anything, I would save the children. I think they are the future of this planet and we need to take better care of them WORLD WIDE. And judging from the comments I am in good company.
We start with the children we can reach and move out from there. I believe every act of kindness will multiply. If we spread the love it doesn't get thinner, IT GROWS.