A Few More LOSS Challenges

These are challenges are SO good and meaningful, and you still have a few days to play along and learn so much. This month's overall winner will get a full set of two paper lines which are in the November Kit - they are gorgeous.

October Challenge #5, Gains & Losses/No Photo!

What You Gain: What looks like a loss may be the very event which is subsequently responsible for helping to produce the major achievement of your life. Srully Blotnick

Every loss typically has a gain associated with it. What great steps, achievements and gains have you made in your life, and how often were those connected to an initial loss? What new things have you learned about yourself? What do you have now that you didn't have when you were younger? Did the passage of time or your hard work bring you more of what you want in your life?

Please create a LO about gain and loss in your life. Is it a story from the past? Or do you still need to let go of something to gain something else?

For the design twist, please LOSE the photo! Just paper, embellies and your words on this one...

October Challenge #6, Lost Dreams/Song Lyrics

Loss of a Dream:

So much of childhood is focused on the future and on fantasy - the white knight coming to rescue you, the dreams that will be fulfilled. What did you dream of as a child and which of those dreams were fulfilled. Were those dreams fulfilled in the ways you expected? If you had dreams that did not come to fruition (and who hasn't!) what are those dreams and how do you cope with the loss of hope, even more so than the loss of the actual experience you desired? Has it changed the way that you now dream about your future? Are you less hopeful? Do you still dream about a future that seems far away?

Please create a LO about the loss of a dream in the past, and how it has impacted your view of the future. What was worse...the loss of the what you wished for or the loss of the dream itself?

Since SO many songs are about lost love or lost dreams, for the design twist, please feature song lyrics, either from this month's Music Playlist, or one of your own choosing.

You can ALWAYS add your LOs to the gallery, but to be eligible for giveaways, make sure you upload by the 30th at Noon Pacific.



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