Motivational Yearning Layout Challenges

Hi all, sorry to have been away from the blog for a while...I had the flu and was just plain down and out.

I wanted to share our fantastic LO challenges for the Yearning kit. How yummy is this?

If you'd like to grab one of the last ones, just click here - it is rich, exotic and vintage all rolled into one...gorgeous!

I hope these challenges inspire you to reach inside and think about what you want with all your heart...as well as find new and exciting ways to imbue your layouts with meaningful visual journaing...

We'd love to see what you create...please join us online and share your creations.

September Challenge #1:
Yearning Synonym/Equal Sign
Please create a LO about the synonym for YEARNING that BEST describes your feelings for someone you love (or loved) deeply. Why that word? Share the definition to describe why that word is the best fit. You can be cheeky, serious, whatever you feel!

For the design twist please use an equal sign in some unique way - between words, pictures...

September Challenge #2:
Have you been in a situation where you’ve desired a certain outcome and then been surprised or disappointed by getting what you thought you wanted?

The act of longing for something will always be more intense than the requiting of it. Gail Godwin

Please create a LO about finding out that what you thought you desired was different than what you imagined it would be.

For the design twist please use a negative/inverted image - either in a photo, or something used backwards or inside out...

September Challenge #3
We have some thought-provoking and deep quotes about yearning on our inspiration page... use one of these quotes (or any quote of your choosing) that describes one of your long-term yearnings.

For the design twist, use something long that stretches the length of your page, like a strip of paper, a ribbon, a line of bling... anything you can dream up!

September Challenge #4
Pick One/Pointer
Fame, Fortune, Love:
There are so many things to yearn for throughout life…some of us want to be famous writers or actors, some of us want the wealth that we think will bring us happiness or freedom, and some of us want to feel safe and secure in the arms of a loved one. If you HAD to choose only one thing, what would you choose? What do you have now, and what do you still want? Do you ever feel envious of others who possess what you yearn for?

So based on what you have now, what ONE thing would you want next? Fame: being accomplished at what matters most to you, Fortune: financial security for you and your loved ones, or Love: the feeling of being connected?

For the design twist, please use a pointer, spinner or something else that demonstrates 'selection' in a unique way.

September Challenge #5
Getaway/Mode of Transport

Come Fly With Me, Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away!

Sometimes yearning is about travel...getting away to someplace or REALLY running away...

So where would you go, and for how long? Do you love the mountains, the desert, the beach? Would you explore the cuisine of Italy or the flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands? Meditate on a mountaintop in Tibet, or party in Cannes?

Please describe your wanderlust in glorious detail...

For the design twist, please show us a mode of transport...airplane (my favorite), rickshaw, gondola...

September Challenge #6
Other People's Yearnings/Boundary
It is sometimes hard to separate our own wants from those of others, especially when we want the best for them. How do you maintain your boundaries? Have others in your life ever imposed their desires on you? Did you give in, or argue, and how did that impact your relationship?

Tell us the story of a time when you either succeded or failed at maintaining the boundaries between your yearnings and someone else's.

For the design twist, please create a boundary on your page that demonstrates the nature of the boundary you're relaying - solid? broken?

I'd love to see you at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out...

And make sure to join on October 1st for the reveal of our next kit...



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