Let Yourself Feel Weak

Is it OK to be weak? I keep hearing that we’re past the time of the 'superwoman', but based on my unscientific research, we're expected more than ever to do it all - be wives, mothers, work outside and inside the home, and be creative geniuses.

I know that’s hard for me. I want so much to make a difference and make the world better that I tend to push myself past the point of sensible effort. I’m working on it…

At least once in a while, it’s nice to let other people be in charge and allow ourselves to be weak. Do you ask for help when you need it? Do you find that you rely more on others, or that others rely more on you? Is weakness a fault to you? Was someone in your past a weak figure, and if so, how did that impact your view of weakness today? Are there times that you become drained – and what do you do to remedy that, or do you surrender?

For our third LO challenge for the STRENGTH kit, please join us and create a LO about the ways in which you feel weak at times, and how you deal with that. Do you let yourself rest, or do you fight it? What makes you weak?

For the design twist, please 'fade' something on your page - your photo, the paper by distressing, or something different!

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