Hitting the Reset Button

Do you ever have an overwhelming desire to hit the reset button on life and clear everything out? I do. Things can get overwhelming sometimes, trying to balance life's demands and our goals - family, friends, work, business, not to mention the day-to-day of being an adult - groceries, cleaning, cooking, paying bills...yikes!

We're going to take a few days to hit that button this coming weekend, with a quick road trip up to the Napa Valley, one of my favorite places in the world.

I'm not really a traveler, but there are some places that I simply long for - Napa is one of those places. Only about 6 hours by car, it's a haven for me that provides rest and relaxation, romance, beautiful scenic views, and more incredible cuisine and wine than a passionate foodie like me could even begin to take advantage of.

I'm looking forward to using these experiences to reconnect to my inner scrapper - I think this should be the perfect opportunity to make contact with my need for a fresh start and to explore what I can let go of in my life to make that happen. You'll surely be seeing some LOs from me soon about my internal reset...

If you need some inspiration to renew yourself, check out our fabulous RENEWAL kit:

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With Scrapbooking from the Inside Out 's 1st anniversary coming soon, it seems the right time for RENEWAL - a chance to refresh our concept, keep what works, throw out the rest, and move forward in brand new ways in our quest to imbue the scrapbook world with more meaning.

Is there somewhere you go that helps you renew? Tell me!



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