One Little Word for 2009

My word for 2009 is SAFE. While I venture out into new territory in business and life in 2009, I want to hold the intention that all is well, that I am safe, secure and on my path as I move through the world.

Can one little word make a difference? I think so. I'm grateful to Ali Edwards for reminding her readers, many of them in the Scrapbook world, that what you put your attention on is what your reality is. I don't mean that in the 'Secret' way (no offense though if that's your thing). I mean that so much of how we experience life is about how we frame it (thanks, M, I know, I know).

Like having a personal mission statement, having one word to focus on, or use as a touchstone, can be a very powerful thing. I know that I will check in with my word when things get complicated. I will use it to remind me that things are going well when I'm being too tough on myself.

As scrapbookers, we know that language matters. One of the reasons I love this art form is that it allows us to combine words, photos and visual design to tell our story. And what I love the most about Scrapbooking from the Inside Out is that we use a word that describes a feeling as our way of getting started each month.

At Inside Out, each of us doesn't only have one word, but many. Each month we take on a new word, and explore it from different directions. During our first six months, we've explored Freedom, Confidence, Comfort, Joy, Gratitude, and Regret. This month, we are delving into Patience.

If you love the One Little Word concept, come by Scrapbooking from the Inside Out and join our amazing, supportive community - and get an extra 12 words for 2009 that can help you explore meaning, and that you can share with other thoughtful, caring artists and crafters. I look forward to seeing you there!

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