The CHAllenge of Singing Your Own Song

There's SO much to see at CHA, it can be overwhelming...we actually had to take breaks just to clear our eyes and get ready to see more. I was imagining my mind as an etch-a-sketch - had to mentally 'shake my head' once in a while and erase to make room for something new.

As I walked the aisles and aisles of product, I was reminded that there are so many kinds of scrapbookers out there - and that all kinds of scrapbooking are valuable, creative and meaningful. So how do we choose what goes into Scrapbooking from the Inside Out's kits?

There are a lot of kit clubs out there. What I wanted to create was something that would inspire and challenge - artistically and emotionally. There are lots of pretty products...and kits that focus on finding the most coordinated pretty things they can offer. That's great!

My goal is different - to offer kits that have a core 'intention'. I look for design, color, icons and a 'feeling' - I want to be truly inspired by products to explore a part of myself. It was so much fun to have Nancy and Paige with me to search for the right things with that frame of mind...three heads ARE better than one!

It occured to me that creating a kit (and a business) is a lot like writing a song. You have a melody in your mind, a lyric in your soul, which springs from your own life experience and your essential uniqueness. You could write the song that you think will sell best, or you could write the song that expresses your heart. SFTIO is my song...

We may never be the biggest kit club and community, but I know that we are accomplishing something together that has great meaning. I feel so blessed and so fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in some small way in you choosing to be totally yourself when you scrapbook. If one person's life has been opened up in some way, if some measure of comfort, support and encouragement is taking place, then I am doing my job right.

Thank you for continuing to evolve with me on this journey...I am grateful.

The February kit is about to land. Make sure to join us Sunday morning for the launch of COMPASSION...it won't be the same without you!


Anonymous said...

... and I am so with you :)

the scrapbooking community around the world will never be the same again, that's for sure.


sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

I love that your kits have a special meaning to them, and aren't just a "cookie cutter" type of kit! Can't wait to see the February one!
xOxO deb