Thoughts of Thanksgiving and the Definition of Family

With families gathering all over our nation to share love and gratitude for what we have, I can't help but think of the families across the globe who aren't so lucky.

Downtown Mumbai at Night, Carl Parker
Looks like any city in America...

I'm thinking this weekend of the people of Mumbai, my mother's birthplace. While India grows and develops economically, so many of Mumbai's 18 million residents live in abject poverty.

Shantytown near Mumbai Airport, Brian McMorrow

It's easy to think of those living so far away as very different from us. They're not - many of my aunts, uncles, and cousins still live in and around Mumbai. They watch TV on satellite, talk on their blackberries and shop at the mall. They, and the millions of people like them, as well as the ones who live in very challenging circumstances, were the victims of a terrible terrorist attack this weekend - living under curfew, and not knowing where danger might strike next.

We too often forget that we are ALL one world - no matter how much or how little we have, we want the same things - security, joy, family, love and peace.

Beautiful Gateway of India, Mumbai, eulogio

Let us all take a moment this Thanksgiving weekend to remember those ties that bind us, and not what separates us. Let us remember that those who perished were of all religions, backgrounds and beliefs. Let us remember that those who are low-level perpetrators of violence are often victims too - of brainwashing, poverty, and religious divisions that run deep in our culture.

We are all one family.


Dano said...

Oh, Rachel, my heart just hurts over this. I hope all of your family is okay. Your words are beautiful and so true.

nancy said...

That was me. :)