October Joy Inspiration

Journaling Prompts:

Simple Joys: Some of life's greatest joys are tiny moments of pleasure: the purr of your kitten, the perfect latte, the unexpected touch of your husband's hand. What simple moments of life do you cherish? What small satisfactions might you be taking for granted and how could you make time to stop and 'smell the roses'? If you could ask for five small things that would make you feel more joy in your day-to-day life, what would they be and why?

Deep Joy: True and abiding joy is like a smile on the inside: something deep and meaningful that gives you that feeling of fullness in your heart that we all crave. What brings you that joy - creating art, connecting with your loved ones? Some of us experience the joy of finding a soulmate: someone who truly understands and respects us deeply. If you're lucky enough to have found that special person to share your life, what joys and challenges does it present? If you're still looking, what are the emotional qualities you seek? Do you even believe in the concept of a soulmate?

Choosing Happiness: What is the part we play in the happiness we experience? How much of life's experience of happiness is in our control, and how much is circumstantial? Have you ever actively changed your view of something difficult to experience more happiness and less pain? How did you make this change happen?

Joy and Sorrow: Some of us who feel sad things deeply sometimes wish we didn't. But there's a school of thought that says that our capacity for sorrow is equal to our capacity for joy; if we didn't feel the sorrow so deeply, we wouldn't feel joy as deeply either. Does this describe you? How does the natural balance of dark and light affect your life and how you see the world? Are you a more optimistic or pessimistic person? Has that changed over time, and if so, why and how?


Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn't stop to enjoy it. - William Feather

That is happiness: to be dissolved into something complete and great. - Willa Cather

The only joy in the world is to begin. - Cesare Pavese

Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of a joy you must have someone to divide it with. - Mark Twain

Joy is not in things; it is in us. - Richard Wagner

Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city. - George Burns

Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times. - Anonymous

It's a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy. - Lucille Ball

The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. - Allan K. Chalmers

Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life. - Burton Hills

Happiness comes only when we push our brains and hearts to the farthest reaches of which we are capable. - Leo Rosten

You won't be happy with more until you're happy with what you've got. - Angel blessing

Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast-you also miss the sense of where you are going and why - Eddie Cantor

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. - Hugh Downs

It's never to late to have a happy childhood. - Wayne Dyer

There is joy in work. There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something. - Henry Ford

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them. - Kahlil Gibran
He who has not looked on Sorrow will never see Joy. - Kahlil Gibran

More important than talent, strength, or knowledge is the ability to laugh at yourself and enjoy the pursuit of your dreams. - Amy Grant

Happiness is a butterfly which when pursued is just out of grasp...but if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. - Nathaniel Hawthorne

The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular cause for being happy except that they are so. - William Ralph Inge

We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world. - Helen Adams

The happy person is the one who finds occasions for joy at every step. He does not have to look for them, he just finds them. - Ossian Lang

Joy is but the sign that creative emotion is fulfilling its purpose. - Charles Du Bois

If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in. - Rachel Carson

The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic, or intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them, and lessens the threat of their difference. - Audre Lorde

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. - John Keats

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain. Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter's oven? - Kahlil Gibran

... joy and sorrow are inseparable. . . together they come and when one sits alone with you . . . remember that the other is asleep upon your bed. - Kahlil Gibran

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. - Thich Nhat Hanh

But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads? - Albert Camus

There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year's course.

Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. - Carl Jung

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. - George Sand

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. - Mohandas K. Gandhi

The greatest part of our happiness depends on our dispositions, not our circumstances. - Martha Washington

Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow. - Swedish Proverb



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