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I have been scrapbooking in some form or another for as long as I can remember. As a small child, I made books about movie stars, poster collages of my dreams and wishes for my future, and magnetic albums with family and friends photos, embellished with stickers and handwritten journaling written on construction paper. I graduated to a wedding ‘storybook’ album made for close friends in 2000. Soon after, my friend Paige introduced me to the ‘new’ world of scrapbooking. I have been teaching at three local scrapbook stores in the Los Angeles area since 2007. I have really enjoyed the chance to watch others take my vision and transform it into something that speaks directly to their hearts. I live with my family in beautiful Santa Monica, California, just 10 blocks from the beach. Seriously, you gotta come out here–it’s amazing!

I'm excited to announce the upcoming launch of my business venture...

Welcome to Scrapbooking from the Inside Out™

This site is an inspirational source, kit club, and online community for scrapbookers who want to explore their inner lives and deepest thoughts and dreams. So many of us spend our time scrapbooking about the events in our family’s lives: the birthdays, the holidays. We also dedicate ourselves to documenting the people we love and the things that make them unique. I’m here to remind you that you matter, too! Your story needs to be told by you, both for you as well as for future generations. One of the most important gifts you can give your children is the gift of you-who you truly are and what you think and feel. And most importantly, in the process of telling your story, in all its beauty and depth, its glorious times, messy moments, and painful lessons, you will be transformed. My vision is Scrapbooking from the Inside Out™. While many scrapbookers start with photos or products, I advocate a different approach–starting with the emotion. It’s a form of what I call ‘Scrapbook Therapy’–using scrapbooking as a form of self exploration, self expression, and self discovery.

Each month, we’ll focus on a specific emotion. The monthly kit for sale will be geared toward products that can be used to explore what that emotion means to you, in your life.You’ll be able to access an ‘inspiration’ page each month with links to stuff that will make you think, help you explore and stir you to express yourself on the scrapbook page like never before. We’ll have music links, photos of great art, quotes, journaling prompts, and loads of ideas and samples from great scrapbookers to help jumpstart your creativity. And we need you–to share with other scrapbookers in your online community to support each other in reaching for scrapbooking as support, encouragement, catharsis, and processing life’s pleasurable and difficult moments. I am excited to share this with all of you as I believe that you’re here because your philosophy is closely aligned with mine. I believe that together, we can create something phenomenal -- we can encourage the use of scrapbooking as a way for us to tap into our deep inner worlds in the midst of our very busy lives. I hope you’ll come along on this journey.

Coming July 1st at http://www.scrapbookingfromtheinsideout.com/. See you there!

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